1.1 Mogurinko 200 Demo

Mogurinko 200 traveling in a demonstration pipe

Mogurinko filmed by second Mogurinko chasing it.

1.2 Mogurinko 200 inspects pipes

Pipe inspection under the city (53sec)

Place Mogurinko in pipe
→ Start inspecting
→ Take out Mogurinko at exit
→ Check video


2.1 Hyper Mogurinko is Compact & Easy

Mounting/dismounting and movements (31sec)

Mogurinko is compact, handy, easy to operate.
Movements in all directions,pivot turn ・・・

2.2 Hyper Mogurinko keeps horizontal position

Traveling in a pipe (demo) (36sec)

Mogurinko can self-maintain its horizontal position.

2.3 Hyper Mogurinko in railroad culvert

Under inspection culvert pipe under railroads after heavy rain (57sec)

Mogurinko travels through running water. culvert pipe collapsed.

2.4 Hyper Mogurinko in oily pipe

Inspection of sewer pipe under a commercial area. The pipe is polluted by some cooking oil.

Cooking oil drained into sewer, turned into grease and clogged the pipe.

2.5 Hyper Mogurinko set up with hook bar

Mogurinko is placed into washed sewer pipe and gotten back with hook bar.(65sec)

Hook bar is used to protect user from oxygen deficiency.

2.6 Hyper Mogurinko in new sewer pipe

Filth remains in a PVC pipe (38sec)

Faulty construction of a pipe in a new housing complex.

2.7 Hyper Mogurinko : drain pipe at Golf cource

inspecting the pipe .... (40sec)

Pipe is and blocked with dirty water and sludge Fishes are swimming!


2.11 New Release : Dirty Mogurinko

Inspection of sewer pipe in Haiphong


3.1 Mogurinko Max in Large Pipe

Inspection of an agricultural water pipe under a motorway. Earth and sand are accumulated. Level of water is so high that Mogurinko is immersed.

3.2 Mogurinko Max in Φ800 Pipe

Moving inside the pipe and checking a joint (49.5sec)

3.3 Mogurinko Max in mud

Traveling in a muddy agricultural water channel.

Mogurinko with special wheels can go forward and perform pivot turn powerfully in muddy water.